LETGOFLOW is all about self love, healing, consciousness and high vibe energy tools. 
All our High Vibe Goods assist to create more self awareness, activate healing, connect with the higher self and find back to true divinity and power.
It's LETGOFLOW’s aim to produce and trade as fair and sustainable as possible. Transparency is a very important aspect in LETGOFLOW’s philosophy.

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  • Katerina Klezlova

    "Darling, just a shout out that I love your cards.

    I did them now everyday as I felt bit anxious... and they bring me great deal of peace and direction.

    So, wanted to say thank you."

  • Jana Hilkes

    "Dear Karen, Your cards are unique! I use them daily and they are very supportive also for my patients during treatments. I have just received a great clarification for a client! I will buy a set for the clients only. This one I keep it for myself for the energy. Kind regards, Jana 
    Now I'm still very excited for the oil."

  • Romina B.

    "Loved the material of the cards, it’s so soft yet strong. The design is subtle and the message is big. Thank you for the fast delivery"

  • Sonnenherz Tarot

    Hi Karen, I have received the cards and am already using them on in my tarot readings. I did a few layings with it and I just wanted to say thank you from the bottom of my heart, this oracle deck is so beautiful and resonates so strongly no matter what I put with it, so simple and so profound at the same time, thank you

  • Transcendent Tarot

    Hi Karen, I just want to tell you how wonderful The 54 Everyday Spirit Guide Deck has been to work with!! It’s been such a game changer, especially in conjunction with the readings! The synchronicities have been so beautiful to observe, thank you again! It’s truly a pleasure to connect with you! God Bless.