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LETGOFLOW Manifestation Candles and Their Effects: A Powerful Tool for Your Spiritual Practice

LETGOFLOW manifestation candles are a powerful tool to visualize and manifest your wishes and goals. We create manifestation candles infused with our powerful Ritual Oils and herbs to support manifestation and amplify the desired energy. Each of our candles is lovingly handcrafted in Switzerland and energized with the highest vibrations of love and light​.

Why Are LETGOFLOW Manifestation Candles So Effective?

Setting Clear Intentions: Lighting our manifestation candle allows you to set a clear intention and focus your energy on what you want to manifest. This process helps you concentrate on your goals and bring them into reality.

High-Quality Ingredients: Our candles are made from 90% natural sunflower wax and 10% natural olive wax. We use no animal or petroleum-based ingredients, ensuring all materials are biodegradable and sustainably sourced​​.

Themes and Goals: Our candles come in 12 different themes such as Love, Success, Healing, Protection and many more . Each candle is created to promote specific energy that helps you achieve your personal and spiritual goals.

The Magic Behind LETGOFLOW Manifestation Candles

Our manifestation candles are not only beautiful but also an integral part of your spiritual practice. Here are some unique features and benefits of our candles:

Energetic Charging: Each candle is charged with positive vibrations to ensure a strong energetic effect. This helps create a sacred space where you can set and manifest your intentions.

Ethics and Sustainability: We prioritize sustainability and ethical sourcing. Our ingredients are sourced from Switzerland and Europe, and we support regional wax producers to minimize carbon emissions​​.

Rituals and Applications: Use our manifestation candles in your daily rituals, meditations, or during the manifestation of positive changes in your life. Lighting the candle helps reinforce your intentions and attract positive energies.

How to Integrate Manifestation Candles into Your Practice

  1. Morning Ritual: Start your day by lighting a manifestation candle and setting your intentions for the day. This can help you focus on your goals and attract positive energy.
  2. Evening Ritual: Use the quiet evening time to visualize your wishes and goals. The soft light of the candle can create a calming and meditative atmosphere.
  3. Weekly Rituals: Schedule weekly rituals to manifest your long-term goals and desires. Regular use of the candle can help amplify your intentions and speed up the manifestation process.


Using LETGOFLOW manifestation candles can have a transformative effect on your life. They not only promote positive energies and mindfulness but also help you clearly visualize and manifest your wishes and goals. Visit our webshop to learn more about our handcrafted manifestation candles and find the perfect candle for your spiritual practice.

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