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Palo Santo

Palo Santo

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Palo Santo by LETGOFLOW, a natural and sustainable product that has been used for centuries for its cleansing and healing properties. Our Palo Santo is carefully harvested from fallen branches of the sacred Bursera graveolens tree in South America, ensuring the preservation of the forest and the communities that depend on it. This holy wood is known for its ability to purify and cleanse energies, making it the perfect tool for spiritual rituals and meditation practices. Each stick is carefully handpicked and harvested in a way that ensures the preservation of the Palo Santo tree and the surrounding ecosystem. Whether you're looking to clear negative energies, ground yourself, or simply enjoy its soothing and calming aroma, Palo Santo by LETGOFLOW is a must-have for anyone seeking a more spiritually aligned lifestyle. Add this ancient tool to your self-care routine and experience the powerful benefits of Palo Santo.



Burn the end and let the flame go when the end is glowing. Use the smoke to smudge your rooms, items or places.

Energy cleansing. It removes bad energy from your space.

Uplifts the spirit and being

It is good to calm your mind and helps in quiet meditation.

Good to eliminate bacterias and germs in a room. 

Palo Santo is a protection wood. It removes evil and bad energies or even thoughts. 



Each stick around 10cm long and 1x1cm thick. 
This is a nature product and the size of sticks can vary slightly. Each piece is unique, with different weights and sizes.


Fair Trade | Sustainable Source | Premium quality

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Customer Reviews

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Philip Walser
Tolles und nachhaltiges Produkt

Einzigartiges Aroma!

Martina T.
Sehr zufrieden :-)

Wir sind sehr zufrieden mit dem Produkt und dem äusserst freundlichen Kontakt :-) Wir freuen uns bereits auf die nächste Bestellung!