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Let Go & Flow Candle

Let Go & Flow Candle

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LETGOFLOW Trust Manifestation Candle ignites the power within and embraces the flow of trust. Infused with Trust intentions and our Trust Ritual Oil.  Crafted with care, our candle serves as a beacon for manifestation seekers. Release doubts, fears, and uncertainties, allowing trust to blossom in its place. With each flicker of the flame, affirm your belief in the universe's abundance and your own inherent worthiness. Embrace the journey of manifestation with LETGOFLOW Trust Candle by your side, guiding you towards your deepest desires and highest potential. Handmade with Love for Light in Switzerland.

We highly recommend to also integrate our Ritual Trust Oil as our oils are the very core base of all LETGOFLOW High Vibe Goods and are directly integrated in your physical body.

We’ve already put our magic and love intention in your candle
Now it's your turn. Whenever you light your own intention candle set your positive intentions in it to give it extra power - talk to your High Vibe Manifestation Candle.


All our Manifestation Candles are handmade and energized in Zürich, Switzerland

We choose our ingredients very carefully from ethical and fair sources with suppliers in Switzerland and Europe. Our nature wax contains no ingredients of animal or mineral/petroleum origin and is free from substances obtained from genetically modified plants.

To keep Co2 emissions low we've decided to support wax producers as regional as possible. The raw material for our wax is coming from Turkey. We choose to make our candles with highest quality, natural, plant based and biodegradable wax out of:

90 % natural sunflower wax      10 % natural olive wax

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Gudrun Unverdorben
Sehr schön

Die Kerzen sind aus Naturmaterialen und wunderschön